Style Hack:

We’ve Got A Trick Up Our Sleeve!

Say goodbye to unnecessary alterations with our latest style hack - introducing Sleeve Garters!

What Are They?

Sleeve Garters are an elasticated metal band that are used to shorten your sleeves and hold them in place without having to get your garments altered, saving you both time and money!

How Do They Work?

Simply place the garter over your sleeve, pull up the sleeve to your desired length and adjust the material over the garter to discretely disguise them, no one will know they’re there.

What Are The Benefits?

Garters can be used in a multitude of ways. For example;

Styling Options:

You can shorten the sleeve of a garment for a more relaxed look to make it suitable for day time wear or let the sleeves down for a more dressy evening look.

This allows you to instantly alter your garment to suit the occasion without the cost or commitment of permanent alterations.

This is particularly useful for items such as dresses, blouses or blazers.


For those of us who love to layer, sleeve garters are perfect for helping you show off your layers while keeping them in place.

The classic blouse and cardigan/knit combo is perfect for this, the use of a sleeve garter keeps the cardigan/knits sleeves in place whilst allowing you to show off the blouses cuffs - no more constantly pulling and fixing things in to place, the sleeve garter does the work for you.

Winter Coats:

We all love a dressy winter coat that adds an extra dimension to your look. However the weight of a winter coat can sometimes mean the fit just isn’t quite right. Often we hear the same complaint, ‘I love the coat but the sleeves are too long’.

A winter coat that doesn’t fit perfectly can result in it looking sloppy rather than sophisticated. Don’t let yourself be put off by this, sleeve garters are a simple, cost effective solution. Simply use the garter to adjust your sleeve to give yourself that perfect tailored look without the hassle of alterations.

Sleeve Garters are the fashion accessory you didn’t know you needed, they are a must have, investment accessory that offer styling options and solutions to our most common wardrobe dilemmas - you can thank us later!