“Accessories are the exclamation
point of a woman’s outfit”

- Michael Kors

Accessories are such a great way to not only compliment your outfit, but show off your personality.  From jewellery to bags, there’s an accessory for everyone!

Whether you like some serious statement bling, or more reserved pieces, it represents your style and it all counts. Accessories can make or break that outfit, so celebrate your taste - whether simple or lavish!

Accessories are small but powerful. Anyone who has transformed a simple outfit with some colour and detail will know the difference accessories make! 
One accessory can be enough so don’t be put off by trying to accessorise every part of your outfit. One statement piece does the job! Especially if its unique. I never leave the house without at least my earrings...

Check out some inspiration below.

M ♥️ xx


The False Collar

A relatively new but seriously big trend. Whether you prefer styles with a lot of embellishment or more delicate detailing there's a collar for you. Wear under almost any jumper for some extra detail. And the best bit? They’re easy! Who has time to constantly iron a blouse...Its 2019.
Check out two of my favourites below:

Accessorise Your Life | The Dresser Boutique Banbridge Northern Ireland

Earrings And Necklaces

Earrings and necklaces may be the simplest but most effective way to highlight colour and detail in your outfit, and aren’t limited to day or night. Check out some of our unique selection below:


Watches and Bracelets 

Watches and bracelets can compliment your main pieces of accessories and we have a great selection to suit all styles and budgets. Check out some of our range below: