Come with us behind the scenes of a photoshoot for our beautiful new Lovestruck collection!

First things first, we pick a theme. As it is approaching Spring (and the month of love) we embraced the romance and the soft pinks in our faux roses, which also complimented the pretty prints in our new collection. Then we added a little rose petal drama at the end!

Now to Plan

We pick our venue that compliments the theme of the shoot. We love shooting in places that have a little styling and depth and this helps make our photos look even more fabulous!

We also shoot mostly indoor given the time of year, but that doesn’t stop us bringing Spring to the set!

We decide on the number of pieces to be shot, then merchandise the rail. We match pieces that compliment each other and are perfectly paired together which is our favourite part!

From complimentary colours and prints, to mixing and matching separates, we decide on each outfit. This also helps us finalise the shot list.

Now to set it all up

We add any finishing touches to our set to suit the theme of the shoot and also compliment the pieces we’re photographing. 

Our photographer sets up all the lights to get the best shot possible.

We love to shoot both still photos and videos to best show off our pieces so we have a lot of work to do to get everything in place before we can start! 

We start playing the tunes to make it a fun environment, and our model gets ready with outfit Number 1.

Lights, camera, action….