The fashion industry is a big contributor to global warming, but with little tweaks in how we shop and care for our clothes, we can make small but important changes to help reduce our carbon footprints and do our bit to save the planet.

So as we celebrate Earth Day, we are bringing you our top 5 tips for making your wardrobe more environmentally friendly!

Shop Local

There is no better time to support your local retailers. Instead of making unnecessary journeys to larger chains in cities, why not see what your local boutiques have to offer? It’s quick, easy and convenient shopping, while also reducing your carbon emissions and supporting the local economy. Plus, you’re more likely to find something unique, its a win win situation!

Support Sustainable Fashion

- Aim to buy clothing made with natural fabric fibres, such as cotton, instead of synthetic fabrics. Making a conscious effort to invest in environmentally friendly clothing means you’ll reduce the amount of micro-plastic in our water sources that come from synthetic fibres that shed during washes.

Did You Know: We at The Dresser are proud to stock and work with brands that are taking steps to make their clothing more sustainable.

Caring For Your Clothes And The Environment

Wash clothing only when necessary (many items can be worn multiple times before they need to be washed), you’ll save water and energy. When drying clothing, hang them to dry outdoors on a clothing line or a drying rack (or on a drying rack indoors if the weather is not suitable). Not only will you save energy but there’s less wear-and-tear on your clothing.

Don’t Wear It? Donate It!

Is your wardrobe full of clothes that you never wear? Maybe you’ve gone off them or they no longer fit? The simple solution, donate it! Simply bring your unwanted clothes to a shop that accepts clothing donations and give someone else the chance to wear and love it!

Invest In Preloved Clothing

Not only can you donate to a pre-loved scheme but you can also buy from them too! Buying from a pre-loved scheme means you are playing your part in keeping clothing out of landfills, therefore reducing emissions and keeping an environmentally conscious clothing loop going.

Did You Know: The Dresser has it’s own donation scheme - The Dresser Pre-Loved - where you can donate your unwanted Dresser clothes in exchange for a reward or you can browse through other donations and grab yourself a little pre-loved treat.

Find out The Dressers stance on sustainable fashion and the steps we are taking to play our part in reducing our contributions to global warming here.