Meet Clare
Our E-commerce Manager

Meet Clare! Our Ecommerce Manager | The Dresser Boutique Banbridge Northern Ireland


In the first of our ‘Meet the Team’ series, Clare chats to us about her role as well as her fashion must haves!


How did you first get into the fashion industry?

“In 2014 I got my first job in the fashion industry working for a fashion jewellers. From there I moved to designer labels and now here I am in a fashion boutique”


How long have you worked in the Dresser?

“I joined the Dresser team in 2020 and have worked my way up from Sales to Management. I absolutely love my job, you know you’re in the right place when you no longer dread Mondays - it really is a fabulous place to work”


What does your role at the Dresser involve?

“No two days are the same that’s for sure! My role is focused on managing our online store and looking after our online customers. It is a real mix of managing the website, stock, and online orders. You may also find me on the shop floor or in front of the camera - it is a team effort after all!”


Casual or Glam?

“Oh I do love my comfy clothes but I would have to say glam! I absolutely love having a reason to get glammed up - lipstick, lashes and heels are definitely my thing!”


What item of clothing could you not do without?

“Trainers - I wear them with everything from jeans to dresses, they’re definitely my wardrobe must-have, I couldn’t be without them!”


What it your favourite thing about fashion?

“I love how diverse it is and how people can express themselves through fashion. Everyones style is different, it’s what makes us unique”