Thank You | The Dresser Boutique Banbridge Northern Ireland
We are all fully aware of the health crisis we face. It's on every news outlet, TV channel, social media post, and topic of conversation. It's scary and emotional.
But I’ve also never seen so many people trying to find the silver lining in such a sad time.
As we feel like our towns and villages are crumbling around us, take comfort that we are all in this together.
As we feel like our most loved businesses are shutting their doors, take comfort that we are all in this together. Because we are. It's truly the first time in our lifetimes we have gone through such an experience that effects every single one of us. Every family. Every business. Every country .
I know I for one have taken great comfort in the many friends I’ve made on social media – other businesses and customers – and the messages of support we are sending each other on social media. Customers urging their friends to “shop local”.
Businesses driving traffic to other businesses and highlighting their efforts instead of just thinking about our own.
Because that’s what social media is. Social. 
Let it bring out the best in us.
That is something that actually extends beyond social distancing and will keep us going. 
I sell clothing. I sell an experience. One that I understand is a luxury at a time like this. But you, my customers, keep me going. And I am here in return..
For anyone who finds comfort in retail therapy, we have 20% off everything for the foreseeable future, along with free shipping. And we thank you for your continued support.
So enjoy your families. Support your neighbours, and a business if you are in a position to do so. And we will all see each other on the other side, with such an appreciation for our ability to travel, socialise and shop. 
And hug. So so many hugs!
M ♥️ xx