It is officially that time of year where we find ourselves not knowing what to wear, torn between wanting to keep it glamorous while staying warm and cozy. The simple way we have found to combat the cold is by layering your clothes.


In this guide, we will take you through your layering options, to help you get through the cold season in a chic and sensible way.


Why Layer

Layers are a convenient way of staying warm during the colder months. You stay warm outside, and can easily shed your outer clothes to get you to the right temperature when indoors. It's very convenient. 

Layering has a unique and one of a kind ability to expand your wardrobe.

If you layer correctly, it should not add bulk or weight to your look. If you are worried about adding clothes weight or being uncomfortable this guide is just for you and addresses your concerns while still inspiring your trendy style.


Layering Basics

Make layering simple by following these four basic rules.  


Rule 1: Wear Inner Layers That Are Thin And Comfortable.

Inner or base layers should be light but provide coverage should you need to remove your outer layers. This can be anything from simple everyday tops to blouses. The idea is to have a top on that you can comfortably strip down to should you need to remove your outer layers.

Tiffany Fleur Tee - £29.99


Adele Illuminate Tee - £29.99


Andrea Check Blouse - £59.99


Chalk Heart Tee - £34.99


Colleen Grey Drawstring Knit - £41.99


Rule 2: Easily Remove Outer Layers. 

Outer layers typically are jackets, coats, cardigans, sweaters etc. Choose ones that can be easily removed in public, revealing inner layers that work as a complete outfit. The last thing you want is to be stuck in a hot sweater indoors. 

Irene Check Hooded Coatigan - £105


Oatmeal Check Shacket - £79.99


Jane Taupe Jewelled Cardigan - £69.99


Powder Blue Heart Print Cardigan - £52.99


Charcoal Grey Wrap Coat - £69


Rule 3: Don't Forget To Accessorise

Remember that your layering does not stop at your clothes and shoes; it continues throughout your entire body. Think hats, beanies, and scarves as the ultimate functional accessories and jewellery to balance your look if necessary.

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Rule 4: Match Layers Appropriately

You want to be in a position where removing a layer or two still leaves you with a workable outfit that you are proud of. Choose your layers wisely with this in mind - ensure colours and textures work as well as top and bottom combinations. 


Hat: Emily Black Sequin Hat - £18

Jumper: Vicky Cherry Feather Knit - £44.99

Gilet: Black Longline Quilted Gilet - £79.99

Leather Jeans: Rosanna Black Leather Jean - £55.99

Scarf: Red Speckle Print Scarf - £19.99


The simple yet effective technique of layering provides you with an effortlessly stylish look that will help you transition into the cooler months with ease.